Look Ma! A New Post!

So I had been working on a post a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it was pretty good, too.  It was about the tools that use in the kitchen, my top ten if you will.  But it was starting to get really long.  Like over a thousand words.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t know if I’m ready to have posts that long.  So I’ll continue to work on it, and put it up at a later date.  But I wanted to get something up before the 2 people that follow me think that I’ve decided to scrap the whole blogging thing.

I don’t think I had started lifting with the weightlifting team before my hiatus.  Well, I’ve started.  We’ve been lifting for a couple of weeks now.  It’s nice to have someone looking at form and critiquing.  And the team environment is always a good thing.  I was actually getting ready for my first competition, which was supposed to be this coming weekend.  I was working on figuring out my opening lifts this past Saturday, when I threw my back out.  Bummer.  I could probably try to compete this week.  It’s getting better.  But I’ve decided to forgo the competition and instead focus on getting completely healed and back to 100%.  I’ve got plenty of time.

Woo hoo! Olympic Weightlifting!

This week, Bret Contreas, one of the trainers/ coaches that I follow/ admire, released his new e-book program, 2 x 4. Normally, I’m a little annoyed when a new program/ product is released.  Not because it’s not good, or I’m jealous that the author has released it.  It’s because it seems as if all of the coaches that I follow are friends, so if one of them releases something, then they all plug it within the same week.  I guess that’s not the worst thing I could get in my feeds.

Also, I typically feel that these products are a little over priced.  Not that Bret, or anyone else’s information isn’t worth a good amount of money.  And I understand that part of it is a business too.  It’s just that  who can afford these products at these prices.  Especially since they are download only.  I think I can understand if I was getting a hard copy of something for that’s over $100.  Again, I’m not saying that the content isn’t great.  I’m sure it is.  I just feel that if some of these trainers/ coaches wanted to reach more people, they would bring their prices down a bit.